The 5th edition of the Zuider Festival is coming!

The Zuider Festival is a DIY festival with art, music, poetry and theater created around the artists ateliers of Studio Complex & Hangarrrrrr. Each summer other artists and the public are invited to share and explore ideas and discover a diverse range of various art forms, including visual art, performance art, music, poetry and (location) theater.

This year’s theme “Gone to Croatan” stands as a symbol for discovering new territory, respecting given situations, acting consciously, adventure, being different, unexpected developments, self empowerment and new settlements.

The festival theme ‘Gone to Croatan’ refers to the legend stories of the colonial time. Tired of working for the British government some workers sent to the colonies decided to join the Native American tribes and instead of working against them, live together and learn from each other. A summary of the story from Curry Malott’s text “From Pirates to Punk Rockers”: For example, in “Caliban’s Masque: Spiritual Anarchy & The Wild Man in Colonial America” (1993) Peter Lamborn Wilson revisits what came of those people brought as workers for one of the first English settlements in the Americas. These people, after being left by their state-sponsored investors and nobility to work the land, vanished from their island encampment leaving no evidence of their whereabouts other than an engraving on a tree reading “Gone to Croatan.” The Croatans were a local Nation of Indigenous Americans. Their English investors, after returning to the place of their investment and having realized there would be no returns/profits, claimed their laborers were brutally slaughtered by the “savage Indians” yet providing no evidence of human remains or struggle. The settlers, it turns out, having merged with the Croatans as well as Africans unhappy with the oppressiveness of colonial rule, created a “tri-racial” community living deep in North Carolina’s swap lands for centuries. The people of this community know exactly who they are to this day, some of which continue to possess the names of their English ancestors who carved those famous words on that tree, “Gone to Croatan.” What this story highlights is the fact that not only can humanity exist without the presence of a small ruling elite, but our survival perhaps depends on it.


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