The scenario illustrates a cinematic essay on human loneliness in our society. In a world where we cannot discard our philanthropy no matter how much we develop into machine-like objects due to the digital age. The short film investigates the surroundings we are living in what it means to be an individual. However it is our system in where society acts as  warden to the individual, connected to an endless stream of visual information. Regardless of its importance it creates an overload to our mental capacities which can results in anxieties.
The modern world is constructed in a way that we have to adapt, regardless who we are.  Especially being a misfit can be a painful experience. Which leads to estrangement from family and friendship networks, harassment at school and invisibility, which in some cases to underachievement at school, were people become school  drop-outs or unemployed. The story I am going to tell deals with this generation of misfits.
The central issue addressed in this film is the relationship between the main characters and the city. 

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