A multi-disciplinary documentary series about different subcultures in face of eviction.

“Filmmaker Mya Hang and critical thinker Jeannette Petrik explore the voids evictions within counter-cultural and alternative socio-cultural projects leave. Their explorations lead them to meeting individuals who share their experiences and grant them insight into their realities of social struggle. Through a series of dialogical documentary investigations they critically challenge situations of change and conflict within projects with a background in squatting and other radical forms of understanding property and self-empowerment.”

Episode 1 – Innocent Air aka Submissiveness
Studio Complex
2018, Enschede (NL)
Studio Complex has been founded in 2011, a few months after the illegalisation of Squatting in the Netherlands. A small group of artists and squatters, most of whom had already been active together in the context of two other big cultural squats in the city, have occupied a former car repair shop of about 2000m² after discussions for temporary use of the property with the city had failed. Shortly after the property had been squatted, a local gallery which maintains a non-commercial ‘anti-squatting’ company came in and arranged a legal agreement for the group to make use of the space until the city decided to develop it. Thus, from the beginning of their engagement the collective has acted within a precarious, yet, legal framework. In January 2018 the collective has been informed of plans for development of the property by the city and the artists have been asked to leave the premises by April 2018.

‘Voids of Eviction’ meets members of Studio Complex in the preparations of leaving their space after having agreed to relocate to another property. They speak about feelings of insecurity, possible consequences for the group and the fear of losing what they had built up together over the course of seven years. ‘Voids of Eviction’ follows members of the collective over the course of three months and documents their thoughts on the ongoing developments.

Episode 2 –
to be announced
2019, Stockholm ( SWE)
Episode 3: Radical Aesthetics
Episode 4: What is Violence?
Episode 5: Security of Insecurity